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[March 26] PUBG down, not working | PUBG update 6.3 patch notes deploying

[March 26] PUBG down, not working: March 26 – Server Maintenance. PUBG is currently down for server maintenance for Xbox and PS4 platforms. According to the official statement.


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If you're wondering and trying to find out why you can't play PUBG yet, we're here to help. Actually, there may be many reasons for this. The game's servers may have shrunk, so you won't be able to login to the game. Due to a technical problem, servers sometimes go offline. But most of the time, developers deliberately move servers for general maintenance or release the game's latest updates to new content.

We created this post to update you on the server status of the PUBG game. You can see this post every time you have problems with the game. Additionally, comply with our new official Twitter deal with (@DigiStatement) for the up to date content material.

Server status updates mentioned herein depend on the official statement of the company. We will update the post as soon as possible. Also, we are adding new updated content at the end of this post.

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March 26 - Server Management

PUBG is currently down for server management for Xbox and PS4 platforms. According to the official announcement of PUBG support on Twitter, the game server will be taken offline from March 25, 10 pm to PDT / March 26, 6 am. The down time for the server is 2 hours.

After server maintenance, PanzerFast, weapon balance changes, esports mode and more are available. You can see the official patch notes below.

Updates - 2)

PUBG servers are still not available. According to PUBG Support's official tweet, the PUBG server management for Xbox and PS4 platforms has been extended for an hour. Wait, we'll update you.

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Official Tweet – Console Players: 

Live server maintenance has been extended by 1 hour. While deployed to servers on schedule, independent data center speeds have been much slower than usual, causing a delay in the server patching process.

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