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PUBG Season 7: Dinoland, moving trains, and more coming on April 22

PUBG Season 7

PUBG is getting several new elements for PC Live Servers.


  1. PUBG is getting a reworked Vikendi map.

  2. It will show a reworked dinosaur park called Dinoland.

  3. It will be released on April 22.

 PlayerUnknown's Battlefield Overhead, known as PUBG, is getting season 7 with a Wikipedia map. In a tweet, PUBG teased Season 7 with some major prizes, including trains running in Dinoland and Backdrop. This is a follow-up to PUBG's previous tweet, which highlights some of the upcoming changes to the Wikipedia map. The creators have announced that it will be released to PC Live Server on April 22nd. It is not yet known when Dinoland will hit PUBG Mobile, currently playing Season 12.

Call of Duty:
PUBG is looking to wrestle its gamer base in the fight against mobile, which has grown to fame in a short span of time. Now, PUBG is adjusting existing maps to explore some new areas for gamers. In February, the PUBG manufacturer introduced the Corkin Map, and announced that the existing maps would include design makeovers, the first of which was Vikandi. Rotating the dinosaur park and getting infected with moving trains gives dynamic effects rather than dynoland. Dinoland, in particular, is widely described as a decoration that also features large bones on display.

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In addition, the Vikandi ice map reduces ice melting. But there is still a lot of snow on the map. The Vikandi Map is also strangely drawn, which may seem new to gamers. Other elements of the map can be slightly modified to introduce some changes and break gamers' change. With that said, PUBG has not made it clear whether Season 7 will fix the common bugs that gamers have repeatedly cried. Many users responded to the tweet by adding PUBG gameplay with many bugs.

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Recently, PUBG received a mobile indoor map, which is like a library for the Chinese version. There is also a new gameplay mode, in which the team's ammunition rotates between team players. The update was introduced as part of the running season 12 for PUBG Mobile. There will also be some in-game rewards for players in the Chinese and global versions of PUBG Mobile.  PUBG Season 7

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