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Pokémon Go Grosses $3.6 Billion Within Four Years of Launch, Goes Strong Amidst Lockdown

Pokémon Go Grosses $3.6 Billion: Pokémon Go, the uber-popular augmented reality mobile game from Niantic, has grossed a lifetime collection of $3.6 billion (roughly Rs. 26,940.7 crores) since its launch on July 6, 2016, consistent with mobile intelligence firm Sensor Tower. the sport pushes players to travel out and appearance for virtual Pokémons in their surrounding locales. However, during the coronavirus-induced lockdowns everywhere the planet , Niantic altered game mechanics in April in order that players can have similar fun indoors. This proved to be particularly beneficial for the brand because the game showed collections of $445 million (roughly Rs. 3,330.5 crores) within the half of 2020.

Pokémon Go Grosses $3.6 Billion Within Four Years of Launch

According to Store Intelligence estimates from Sensor Tower, Pokémon Go faced a troublesome competition from fellow location-based mobile game Dragon Quest Walk by Square Enix, which collected a complete of $540 million (roughly Rs. 4,041.8 crores) since its launch in September 2019. as compared , Ludia's Jurassic World Alive collected $76.5 million (roughly Rs. 572.5 crores) in over two years. Tencent's Let's Hunt Monsters posted a lifetime collection of nearly $70 million (roughly Rs. 523.8 crores) since its launch in April 2019 from iOS alone.

Pokémon Go Grosses

To date, Pokémon Go has seen a complete of 576.7 million downloads. Out of which, 105.2 million were seen within the US, where the sport is hottest . Brazil ranks second with nearly 63 million downloads, followed by Mexico with 36 million.

The lion's share of Pokémon Go's collection came from Google Play Store, accounting for 53.6 percent of total player spending. With over 450 million downloads, Google Play accounts for 78.3 percent of the game's total worldwide downloads.

When strict lockdowns were imposed due to the worldwide pandemic, it had been expected that location-based world exploration games may take successful during the amount . However, in April, Pokémon Go introduced several updates that made the sport playable indoors. It introduced the Remote Raid Pass, which allowed up to twenty gamers to participate in Raid Battles by getting to the in-game Nearby screen. to get a pass for an equivalent , players need to spend 100 in-game PokéCoins, which may be purchased for $0.99 (roughly Rs. 75).

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