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PUBG to Get Revamped Sanhok Map by July 22 With Loot Truck, DecoyGrenades, and More

PUBG to Get Revamped Sanhok Map by July 22: PUBG will soon be getting some new features and enhancements to the Sanhok map. The developers are teasing the upcoming changes through short clips on Twitter and a recent 30 second clip, along side version 8.1 update patch notes, boast the reworked areas, an armoured truck, and a decoy grenade. These new features are going to be implemented as a part of the 8.1 update within the PC version of the sport on July 22 while the console version will get them by July 30.

PUBG to Get Revamped Sanhok Map by July 22

PUBG to Get Revamped Sanhok Map by July 22 With Loot Truck

As seen within the video tweeted by PUBG's official Twitter account, some areas of the Sanhok map just like the Cave, Ruins, and therefore the Quarry, among others, are reworked. The Quarry possesses bridges for people to travel across it as up till now, players had to travel around or through it. A glimpse of the armoured truck also can be seen within the video. The mechanics and performance of the truck, along side all the opposite changes, are described within the patch notes for version 8.1 update coming to PUBG. The patch notes state that it'll be a loot truck dropping small or large lootable containers because it is broken . When destroyed, it'll provides a great deal of top-tier loot.

A new tactical weapon – decoy grenade – also will be introduced to the map. The decoy grenade, when thrown, creates sounds of gun shots and is employed to distract enemies by making them think that combat is occurring elsewhere . it's sort of a regular grenade but features a yellow band across it.

There will be several other changes like remastered weather, map balancing, challenge missions, gas can improvements, and tons more, coming with update 8.1 which will be available on live servers on July 22 and test servers on July 15.

The video also reveals that these new features and changes will come to the PC version of PUBG on July 22 and to the console version on July 30. whether or not they will trickle right down to PUBG Mobile also , remains to be seen.

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