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Teen Pubg Mobile Spending Rs 16 lakhs in App Purchases

Teen Pubg Mobile Spending Rs 16 lakhs: A teenager playing PUBG mobile managed to line his family back by Rs. 16 lakh. PUBG Mobile has remained a well-liked game during the worldwide pandemic and seen rapid climb in revenues because people stuck reception are gaming more, consistent with Sensor Tower analysis. However, the battle royale game from Tencent Games has also received flak from different corners for its "addictive" gameplay that has taken its users to the extremes. a replacement report on Thursday claimed that an adolescent from Punjab spent Rs. 16 lakhs from his parents' bank accounts to form in-app purchases on PUBG Mobile. It added that the 17-year-old from Kharar spent his father's life's savings, kept for medical expenses.

Teen Pubg Mobile Spending Rs 16 lakhs in App Purchases

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Citing the teen's parents, a report by Tribune India said that the teenager had access to 3 bank accounts that he wont to upgrade his PUBG Mobile account. The teenager reportedly made in-app purchases for his teammates also . The report added that the family only came to find out about this from their bank statements.

It is said that the daddy of the minor may be a government employee and features a medical record . the daddy , who didn't wish to be named, told Tribune India that 17-year-old lived together with his mother, while he was posted elsewhere. "He used her [mother's] mobile to form all transactions and would delete the message regarding amount debited from the account," the daddy said.

The report added that the oldsters thought the 17-year-old was excessively using the smartphone "for online study." Following the incident, the teenager is formed to figure during a fix-it shop , to avoid spending longer on PUBG Mobile. "I just can't let him sit idle reception and can't give him a mobile even for studying," the daddy told the daily.

There are several incidents within the past where violence was reported allegedly thanks to "PUBG addiction." Gadgets 360 last year spoke to people across Delhi where many indicated that it's unfair to call out the platform for violence-related incidence, though cautioning that a 1 should regularly check the time spent on the app.

At an equivalent time, Sensor Tower has highlighted that PUBG Mobile from Tencent saw over $226 million (roughly Rs. 1,668 crores) user spending in May. The platform has seen a huge global revenue gain within the half of this year, bringing its lifetime collections to $3 billion (roughly Rs. 22,457 crores).

While the Punjab teen incident may shock people, it's hardly the primary time a toddler or a teenager has spent huge sums of cash on a mobile game like PUBG Mobile.

Here are some previous instances when kids splurged parents' money on video games purchases:

  1. This BBC story includes multiple instances of kids spending lots of money on video games. One parent claims how her son spent GBP 3160.58 (roughly Rs. 2.95 lakhs) on an iOS game called Hidden Artifacts. Another parent claimed how her son billed GBP 2,000 (roughly Rs. 1.86 lakhs) on her credit card for EA' NBA basketball game. One teen spent GBP 1,000 (roughly Rs. 93,000) on Fortnite.

  2. Former NBA player Kendrick Perkins revealed earlier this year how his kids racked up $16,000 (roughly Rs. 12 lakhs) on Fortnite.    

  3. One teen used his father's credit card to bill $7,000 (roughly Rs. 5.2 lakhs) playing FIFA. 

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